Risk it Baby

Risk it baby!

Let go of the covers that

have held you

with strings that have loosened

their grip,

Wiggle and Snap.

Loosen the feathers you've

hidden for so many years,

and let your hair fly.......free.

Feathers fall and layers

of undercoat loosen,

fluffy furry hidden before

powdery dust moments

shed themselves and release

fresh coats that shine in a 

brilliance unseen before.

Tiny bones, long curvatures of 

delicate movements

rhythm against one another as

they swirl and twist and 

swerve in their new found


Past history vanishes. 

The paths twist and gather

fresh energy

as we tremble,

our wings gather strength

as our bodies slip

gracefully and yet,


down the newfound slippery

path of life.

Softness of downy feathery


gather in the night when the

stars twinkle and

fly suddenly,

while we sleep. We rest in

unknown before blankets of feathers

of endless beauty that grow

invisibly in the quietness of the 


giving us new possibilities,

gifts of wonder, opportunity

new chances.

Sometimes the jump over the fence

and out of the ring,

is the difference between

safety and risk.

Risk leads me elsewhere 

where new colors soften the


visions of hidden before trails

into the otherwhere appear

and hold me gently in a 

warmth that relaxes my

restless mind.

birds sing their songs,

I can hear them.

I close my eyes

and find new peace.

© H.E.McGurrin Trust  3/15/2019